Your one-stop solution to scaling your business

Scaleup Consulting Australia is committed to providing your startup or small business with personalized IT support, including expertise from developers and architects.

Who we are and what we believe in


To scale the business of every client by providing IT services like IT experts, developers, and architects within a collaborative environment.


To deliver effective, cost-efficient, and reliable IT consulting services to accelerate the growth of every startup.

Our Values

With a 25+ strong team from different backgrounds, we take pride in working collaboratively, guided by our core values and principles.

Our Story

Scaleup Consulting Australia is the result of years of custom software development and startup consulting.

Founded by a passionate IT consultant, our company aims to support other startups and small businesses looking to launch or scale.

We recognise that the digital landscape and technological innovations continue to shift. So we aim to provide businesses with expert guidance and the customised services they require while staying within their budget.

We understand how one’s entrepreneurial journey can be complex and challenging, especially in an attempt to grow or scale their business.

We have seen a number of businesses waste resources trying to scale – a reality we are working hard to prevent from happening to our existing and future clients.

At present, we serve our clients with a diverse and fully remote team of seasoned software developers, programmers, and digital marketing specialists.

We constantly seek ways to improve our skill sets and work processes to achieve our common goal: helping clients ease the process of taking their business to the next level.

Our Story

Jayen Ashar
Technical Director

He built the organization around a team of technical and creative people focused on technology, including IT experts, developers, and architects. He wanted to help each member hone their talents and excel in their field of expertise while ensuring that the team is efficiently helping all business partners and clients achieve their goals.

Meet our founder

Technical Director Jayen Ashar shared the same vision to help our partners and clients scale their business through collaboration.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Scaleup Consulting was born out of a passion for helping tech startups and small businesses aiming to launch or scale their products and services.

As a tech enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, I enjoy working with startups looking for breakthroughs in their fields. In entrepreneurship, there are distinct challenges in bootstrapping and running a one-person business. And as a startup IT consulting and service agency, we understand these well.

We have experienced the perks and risks, the highs and lows of starting and running a business. It allows us to diagnose and meet the needs of every small business owner looking for expert guidance and direction, especially in technology. But this would not be possible without our key players: our team of seasoned programmers, software developers, designers, and specialists in various technical domains.

Working from different parts of the globe, our team members strive to meet our customers where they are on their entrepreneurial journey. From idea generation to planning to launch and growth, we enjoy collaborating with each client and addressing their concerns.

At Scaleup Consulting, we take pride in fostering a culture of excellence and growth. We stay committed to our customers' business growth and our team members' professional development. This is what greatly helps us attract the right partners or clients as well as awesome team members.

Throughout the years, we have catered to diverse clients across many industries. These include AI and machine learning, web and mobile app development for transport, fintech, real estate, government agencies, sports and more. And we are not stopping anytime soon. We have just started. We are excited to see what the future holds and are happy to take you along. Let's grow and scale together!

Jayen Ashar
Technical Director

Industry-Specific Services

We have served a wide range of clients across different industries, including but not limited to:

IT Security


PropTech/ Real Estate

MedTech/ Health Tech





Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Green Tech

Social Networks


Let’s Scale Together

While originally focused on offering IT support, Scaleup Consulting Australia has evolved and expanded its services to include architecture in order to better serve each individual client.

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John Smith

Marketing Manager

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John Smith

Marketing Manager

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