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“I’m thankful that we engaged in you and your team. Because essentially we ended up having a partnership in the web development process as opposed to just an arm’s length of a contractual relationship.”

George Smyrnis

Co-Founder and Product Lead

Project Mosaic

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What our clients say about us

Working with Jayen and his team at Scaleup is a breath of fresh air. Among many excellent attributes, responsiveness and problem solving are high on the list of reasons to recommend. The energetic team assembled demonstrate a broad range of experience in all things internet from code to marketing, graphic design to SEO.

Robert Hudson

iFloorPlan, Founder


What our clients say about us

Top-notch developers. Jayen goes above and beyond his responsibilities and provides support at the level of a CTO. His team is the resource that every small business needs to overcome highly technical challenges.

Austin Rosenbaum

Demand IQ, Founder & CEO

United States of America

What our clients say about us

After cycling through various developers the last 2 years, I finally came across someone who made my life easier, and not more difficult. We were finally able to develop the tools necessary for Bet Karma.

Trevis Waters

BetKarma, COO

United States of America

What our clients say about us

Working with Jayen and his team is one of the best spends of my last two years versus time saved. Worth the money. The system helps a lot as well. Saves me hundreds of hours over time. It reduces human error as well.

Rick Lemberg

EarthHunt, Chairman

United States of America

What our clients say about us

I have worked with many developers throughout my businesses, the team at Scaleup Consulting are the most knowledgeable and get things done and as well as explaining the technology. I cannot speak more highly enough of them and their services. Real professional and an asset to your business

Josh Al-Din

GoSupply, CTO


What our clients say about us

Developers are responsible and friendly. They provide code quality and methods that are pretty good. I’m happy to work with Scaleup Consulting. The team is led by the GOAT of Codementor.

Sean Modd

Vesta and Senpex, CEO

United State of America

What our clients say about us

Always active in business development and always on the lookout for how to help a company succeed.

Claus von Hessberg

Skedgo, Chairman & CEO


What our clients say about us

With Scaleup Consulting, there is no compromise on code quality, with on-time and transparent feedback for improvement.
The company has weekly fun events, free training to improve skills and knowledge, and a dedicated budget for tools and subscriptions vital to being more productive at work.

Hardik Avaiya

Tanush Software, Lead Engineer

Service Partner

What our clients say about us

Scaleup Consulting is different to any other developers that I have worked with. We’re getting access to a very high skill level at a relatively low price point.

Cameron Watt

One Task, Co-founder & COO


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IT Consulting Services

WordPress Development

Build online authority and connect with your target market with a well-built WordPress website. We specialise in creating high-quality, responsive websites that look great on all devices.

Mobile Applications Development

Our expert mobile application development services cover different mobile app categories from diverse industries. Gain greater exposure and stand out from the competition with a well-designed mobile app.

Web Application Development

Expand your online presence with a WordPress website. Our developers can customise and enhance your website to help your business connect with your target market and highlight your products and services.

User Interface & User Experience

Make your website and product stand out with persuasive UI/UX design. Our UI/UX designers have years of experience creating user-friendly interfaces for mobile and web apps for startups.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Use the power of ML and AI to transform your business. We have developed custom ML & AI solutions as the core business of tech startups.

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We provide exactly the services you require, at the right time and within your budget.

Companies we have worked with

We help startups to become scaleups


Scaleup Consulting is a custom software development agency with a team of experienced software developers, software engineers, product managers and designers led by our founder/technical director with 20+ years of experience in IT consulting.


Our collaborative work process allows you to create timelines and ensure that the project stays on track without breaking the bank. We’re happy to meet you where you are and address all your development needs.

We Made These Projects Happen


MovUs is a transport app that provides pooling services that cover the end-to-end journey of commuters. The team provided UI/UX design flow that included user research, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.


iFloorPlan app is one of the pioneers of interactive floor plan web application that aims to help real estate photographers interactively visualise properties. It was built with the technology used in the 90s, so its program needed to be rebuilt and updated. The team’s design process involved creating modern UI/UX designs so the users can use the editor easier and faster.


Senseii facilitates continuous learning and upskilling of the workforce that aims to create a culture of learning, diversity, and collaboration across the organisation. We created a user-friendly design so users can have convenient access to all the resources they’d need for effective learning. Moreso, our designs makes it intuitive for admins to track and monitor activites.

Waverley Transport

It revolves around creating an app for customers in the Waverley Local Government Area that allows them greater access to shared mobility services. Our team integrated functional design and layout for the app for convenient user navigation.

Finderful is a home finder web app that aims to help people find the best place to live based on their preferences in relation to the distance from establishments like hospitals, restaurants and workplaces. The team created a user-friendly design flow that involved research, wireframing and prototyping so property owners and home finders can navigate easily through the app.

Scotland Transport

Scotland Transport provides people with easy, digital access to travel information so they can decide which better routes to take for their journey. The team created a design flow based on the project based on what would be important for the app’s functionality.

Multilingual Traffic Alerts

This project aims to help non-English speaking residents and visitors confidently plan and use the NSW public transport network with digital resources made available in their language. The team created an effective solution with a user-centric design process to cater to different users.

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A team of 30+ developers and programmers with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. We have top software developers, as vetted by major freelancing platforms. You can be confident that you’re working with experts.


A bunch of collaborative team members who can provide you with a transparent software development process. Specialised in custom software development and IT services.


Committed to creating cutting-edge IT solutions that bridge the gap between your business goals and user needs. Able to create a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Flexible and Versatile

Worked in different industries — AI and ML, FinTech, MaaS, SaaS, NFT, Sport, Social Networks, IT Security, Health Tech, Green Tech, PropTech/Real Estate and Web3. We are adept at learning about your industry, too.

Leverage efficient product design, web and mobile app development and custom software solutions.

Our expert web developers and software builders will work with you to understand your business goals and target market.


No more wasting time and energy in keeping your project on hold. Together we’ll get your business app running in no time so you can focus on other things that matter.


To ensure no critical information gets lost during communication, you’ll have direct contact with the developers, not only the project manager.

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