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Technology and Innovation

Startups and SMEs have a competitive advantage: the ability to move quickly and embrace new technology.

At Scaleup Consulting, we can help you use this advantage in getting your startup off the ground. We offer an array of software development and IT consulting services designed to speed up the process of launching or scaling your business.

Through collaboration with our skilled IT consultants, software developers and web developers, we can help you target revenue opportunities using cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing strategies.

Together, we can build your online presence and accelerate your business growth by leveraging our efficient product design and user flow, web and mobile app development, and custom software solutions.

What We Offer

WordPress Development

Machine Learning
& Artificial Intelligence

Web Application

User Interface &
User Experience Design

Mobile Application

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Our Process

Our consultative approach and iterative development process set us apart from other service providers. We collaborate with business owners to strategise, design and develop custom software solutions.

We also provide a unique proposition to support your marketing efforts to promote your software products and services. We are a dynamic team of internet marketers and designers aside from developers, programmers, and software engineers.

To understand the outcomes, quality and timelines clearly and help you make business decisions and plan accordingly, both parties must be transparent with the software development process.

We want our clients to understand what must be done before we deploy the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Planning, Feasibility Study and Design Stage

The backbone of any well-designed project is a clear plan and solid strategic execution. We can help you create a Lean Canvas, a quick planning tool that will efficiently help with the project's direction.

We start our process with a proactive approach to identifying project strengths and weaknesses and exploring opportunities to mitigate possible risks. We want to ensure your overall software solution is captured and put on paper with clarity and innovatively.


Development and Testing Stage

Our custom IT solutions and tech services are focused on quality assurance. We dive deep into the technology and choose the correct programming language applicable for the project specifications and requirements.

To ensure everything is up to par, our smooth and efficient development and testing stage include:

You will work with our expert-vetted technical director and competent software developers who write codes and build the software solution based on your approved designs and specifications.


Implementation, Integration and Maintenance Stage

Our team of developers use a simulated development environment to execute and secure immediate feedback to mitigate problems and errors without doing it in the live setting.

Our commitment to helping you with your business doesn’t end once the software is live and reaches your target market. Specifically:

While initially focused on offering IT support, Scaleup Consulting has evolved and expanded its services to include digital marketing to serve you better.

Whether you're a tech startup or a small business, we'll work with you to ensure that your project requirements are met and your goals are achieved.

IT Consulting Services

WordPress Development

Expand your online presence with a WordPress website. Our developers can customise and enhance your website to help your business connect with your target market and highlight your products and services.

Web Application Development

We thoroughly take care of web app development of the front-end and back-end to improve user experience and increase user engagement across devices.

Mobile Applications Development

Our expert mobile application development services can cover different mobile app categories like lifestyle, news outlet apps, social media, gaming and entertainment, utility, and mobile productivity apps.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

We have experience developing custom ML & AI solutions as the core business of tech startups.

User Interface & User Experience

We focus on helping you create a persuasive UI/UX design that makes your product and services stand out. Our UI UX designers have years of experience creating user-friendly interfaces for startups.

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