ML and AI Development Services

Integrate software solutions with AI and Machine Learning to improve your business operations

ML and AI Services for Business

Scale your business with intelligent software solutions powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We will assist you in making better business decisions by leveraging technology to improve communication and human interaction, vision and image recognition, business analytics and support, fraud and pattern detection, systems simulation and personalised products and services.

Smart Applications of ML And AI


Interactive Chatbots

Grow your business with machine learning chatbots that can hyper-personalise human-interaction and provide engaging, personalised conversations with your clients and customers. We can integrate appointment or booking chatbots, customer support chatbots, sales and marketing chatbots, gaming chatbots and other entertainment chatbots.


Inventory Optimisation

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques helps with inventory optimisation to automatically track your inventory levels. It can avoid stock-outs or overstocking, manage inventory level costs, make informed decisions about supplies and procurement, forecast demands and adjust during seasonal fluctuations.


Recommendation Engine

Improve your customers' experience and increase sales through a recommendation engine that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to suggest products or services your target audience might be interested in.

ML and AI software applications will improve customer satisfaction and increase your Average Order Value (AOV).


Image Processing

A key application of AI vision and machine learning algorithms is image analysis and recognition. With so many startups using images and videos to promote their products and services, it’s important to be able to process these types of data.

Save time and money by automatically processing images for your business, such as product photos.


Process Automation

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Still struggling to get everything done?

Automate tasks such as data entry, customer segmentation, and fraud detection to improve efficiency and accuracy in your business.

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Tools & Technologies We Use






ML And AI Services


Deep Learning

A lot of tech startups are using deep learning to create interactive chatbots.

We can help you automatically implement deep learning algorithms to learn and improve from experience.


AI-based Solutions

Our AI-based solutions can help you optimise your business processes and make better decisions. With this technology, you will be able to automate tasks, obtain real-time insights, and improve engagement with your customers.


Machine Learning

We offer machine learning services to help you automatically extract valuable insights from data. Our services can help you with big data analytics, and optimisation.


Predictive Model

Analyse your data to identify trends and patterns that can be used to improve your business. Scaleup Consulting can help you implement predictive modelling to automate your decision-making process.


Reinforcements Learning

Our team can help you use reinforcement learning methods to make your systems more efficient and effective.

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