A diverse team that offers tech services and strategic insights to scale your business.

We constantly seek ways to improve our skill sets and work processes to achieve our common goal: helping clients ease the process of taking their business to the next level.

Meet Our Growing Team

Our organisation comprises technical and creative people who provide business solutions and strategies using innovation and creativity. We will help you build the foundation of your startup or expand your business.

Jayen Ashar
Technical Director
Adam Martinovic
Project Manager
Neeraj Vijay
Executive Assistant
Raj Chavada
UI/UX Designer
Vishal Bondwal
Software Developer
Nguyen Khanh Nguyen
Software Developer
Li Xiang
Software Developer
Sagar Chavada
Lead Developer
Arun Thakur
Lead Developer
Luis Luft
Product Manager
Ana Santollano
Marcin Piotrowski
Brand Specialist
Uchechukwu Obimma
Product Manager
Surya Chaturvedi
Lead Developer
Nicole Paleng
Social Media Manager/ Copywriter
Pavan Tank
Software Developer
Tiejun Zheng
Lead Developer
Ana Kristina Cezele Arce
Content Writer
May Flores
Content Manager
Krunal Solanki
Software Developer
Pravesh Jha
Software Developer
Erwin Apacible
Graphic Designer/
Video Editor
Rina Aguila
Content Writer
John Acar
Software Developer
Nischal Raaj Saini
VFX Artist
Zafar Khan
SEO Specialist
Tomi Yamaha
Software Developer

Keep up the good work.

They dedicate a budget to buying the tools required to be more productive at work. They also have programs to encourage learning and do online courses paid for by the company.

It's a friendly company, and the working environment is good

Favourable work-life balance. Excellent management, job security and the list are endless! The company has been super-kind and flexible. Some days are tricky and challenging, but everything can be achieved with a talented, supportive, and flexible team.

The best environment for learning and growth

We provide quality work, and the atmosphere is friendly. I learned a lot from the company.

Good company to work with.

I've had pretty high impact projects here, and I've gotten more experience working with the team.

Good place to work and grow.

Permanent work from home option available. It's an excellent place to work and has a lot of learnings. The company has a diversified work culture, and the management is good.

Fantastic company to work for, which turbocharged my career.

The workplace culture is one in which people don't take themselves too seriously, but the whole team pulls in the same direction when it comes to delivering results.

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Locations of Our Global Team
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