Web app development for a renewable energy company

About the Client

  • Based in Denver, USA
  • Customer Base: USA
  • Renewable Energy Industry
  • White-Label SaaS product

Business Overview

The client is a SaaS provider for renewable energy companies with a white-label-ready web app to streamline their lead capture and customer acquisition processes.

Project Deliverables and Key Features

Services Provided

Tech Stack

Client Challenge

The client was looking for a technical lead to help build their calculator web app. The goal was to create an AI-driven tool that can instantly calculate the needed size and cost for a renewable energy system.

About the Project

Our technical CEO provided technical advice and direction while working closely with the client to ensure the application was designed and built with best practices. This also allowed for a collaborative approach to development, with both teams working together to ensure the project’s success.


The development process involved creating a web application that could instantly calculate the size and cost of renewable energy systems and at the same time, seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure. Once the backend development was done, our technical CEO provided thorough documentation and training to ensure they could easily manage and maintain the application.

Project Result

Our technical CEO’s collaboration with the client helped them complete the project ahead of time and under budget. This exceeded their expectations and resulted in an ongoing relationship with them. The web app is being used by over 200 clients and 30,000 end-users per month.


Austin R. 

Founder and CEO, Renewable Energy Company, Denver-USA

Jayen and his team are top-notch developers who consistently go above and beyond their responsibilities. Jayen’s exceptional ability to develop robust code and provide support at the level of a CTO make him an invaluable resource for small businesses facing highly technical challenges. He is a rare talent who not only gets the job done but also anticipates and covers any potential blindsides, ensuring that his clients have a seamless experience.

“Despite being halfway across the world, Jayen’s team was easily accessible and maintained excellent communication through platforms such as Slack and Monday. Their efficient coordination allowed them to develop an impressive MVP quickly, demonstrating their technical expertise and commitment to delivering results. In summary, for small businesses looking for a dependable and skilled team to overcome technical challenges, Jayen’s team is the ideal partner.

Client Video Testimonial