App development and business advisory services for a real estate marketing tool

Scaleup Consulting provides full-service development and marketing support for iFloorPlan – from assembling a team to relaunching the new app across multiple platforms and delivering ongoing business support.

About the Client:

  • Founder: Robert Hudson
  • By real estate photographers, for real estate photographers
  • The company started in the early 2000s
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Global customer base
  • B2B

Client Challenge

iFloorPlan founder Robert Hudson reached out to Scaleup Consulting with a request to help him finish rebuilding his app.

Key Features and Deliverables Provided Since March 2021

App Development

App Features

Business Development

Business Overview

iFloorPlan started as a product for a newspaper website where photographs and floor plans of property were viewed side by side in an interactive space. The goal was to close a gap in the market so that real estate sellers and buyers could have all property visuals in one place.

This product was launched in the early 2000s and evolved over the years. When it was apparent Adobe Flash was no longer going to be available, founder Robert Hudson started looking around for developers to rebuild his app.

By the time Robert approached us, iFloorPlan 360 development had already begun with other developers, but progress could have been better.

About the Project

Scaleup Consulting took over the project after discussing the app’s purpose, commercial realities and the possibility of rebuilding the app from scratch. We quickly assembled a team of developers, designers and marketers to help finish the project to Robert’s specifications.

Our team also proposed a clear plan to grow the product for the next ten years and offered a partnership. With such high expectations for the project, we knew this could be a significant breakthrough in the real estate industry.

Phase 1 - Completing the first app

The first thing we did was set up a proper development environment for the incomplete app. Then we made some changes to the app’s user interface based on user research.

As part of the development process, we added features requested by users that would improve user experience significantly:

  • Support for panoramas
  • Mobile interface for users
  • Custom image markers
  • Floor plan cropping

In addition to developing the app, we helped relaunch it onto the market.

Phase 2 - App version 2 — separate apps for editors and viewers

After completing this first version of the app, we built a new version to improve the separate applications for floorplan editors and viewers.

Our developers worked closely with UI/UX specialists to ensure that the app was aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and easy to use.

Phase 3 - New firebase app

Now, our team is working on the newest iteration of iFloorPlan. We provided input ideas and suggested rebuilding it from scratch using Firebase to make the development process smoother and more manageable.

This new version includes improvements in navigation and usability, especially the drag-and-drop editing tools.

Project Results

The result of this partnership between iFloorPlan and Scaleup Consulting created an entirely new way of engaging with property visuals online.

The current iFloorPlan app is being used by real estate marketers in different parts of the world, including Australia, Europe and the USA — ushering in a new era of convenience for real estate sellers and buyers alike.



“Working with Jayen and his team at Scaleup is a breath of fresh air. Among many excellent attributes, responsiveness and problem-solving are high on the list of reasons to recommend. The energetic team assembled demonstrate a broad range of experience in all things internet from code to marketing, graphic design to SEO.”

Robert Hudson

Founder at iFloorPlan