Empower Your Marketplace:
Join Forces with a Sharetribe Expert

Unlock the power of a technical co-founder:

Why Choose a Technical Co-Founder for Your Business


Expertise Amplified:

Tap into specialized technical knowledge and skills to drive your business forward.


Bridging the Gap:

Complement your entrepreneurial strengths with technical prowess for a well-rounded team.


Turbocharged Product Development:

Transform your vision into a cutting-edge product with intuitive interfaces and scalable systems.


Streamlined Resource Management:

Leave the technical complexities to your co-founder, freeing you to focus on core business aspects.


Embrace Innovation:

Stay ahead of the competition with continuous monitoring of industry trends and implementing innovative solutions.


Investor Magnet:

Enhance credibility and attract investment with a technical co-founder who demonstrates execution capabilities.


Sustainable Growth:

Ensure long-term success by entrusting technical leadership, future-proofing systems, and adapting to advancements.


Efficient Recruitment:

Trust your technical co-founder to handle the recruitment of top-tier talent, building a skilled and cohesive technical team.

Discover the tremendous benefits of partnering with a technical co-founder. Let me propel your business to new heights of success.

Jayen Ashar




Experienced startup founder and software developer, helping non-technical founders test the market by helping build an MVP, specialising in two-sided markets. 



Flex Projects Completed

1 – 5

Min. starting budget

$500 – $5,000


Web Development

Mobile Development

Unlocking Your Marketplace's Potential:

Partner with a Sharetribe Expert


Seamless Setup and Customization:

Set up your Sharetribe platform effortlessly and customize it to match your brand.


Exceptional Design and User Experience:

Captivate your target audience with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.


Tailored Feature Development:

Customize Sharetribe's features to meet your unique business requirements.


Strategic Growth and Marketing:

Receive expert guidance on marketing techniques and strategies to attract users and boost your marketplace's visibility.


Timely Technical Support:

Get reliable technical support and troubleshooting to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Empowering Training and Documentation:

Gain the knowledge and skills to effectively manage your marketplace through comprehensive training and documentation.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Indicative Pricing
Site Setup
Requires 3rd-party hosting. Amazon web services is recommended.
$ 0
Top Bar Links
For example, links to pre-filtered search results or special pages.
$ 49
Autocomplete input for listing fields
For text fields with a large, finite set of values. For example, vehicle models.
$ 90
Transparent Pricing
Sellers enter the price they receive. Buyers still see the price they will pay. Marketplace commission appears on the buyer's side.
$ 99
Conditional listing fields
For example, if "category" is a listing field and only one category has a "subcategory" listing field
$ 150
Prepopulate listing field value with user profile value
May require custom user profile fields
$ 150
Custom Email Trigger & Content
For example, a buyer adds an image during checkout to be given to the provider.
$ 160
Whole Prices
Disallowing sellers from entering prices with cents/pence.
$ 160
3rd Party Social Login & SSO
For example, Google and Facebook.
$ 160
Pulling listings From Shopify, Magento, or Other E-commerce Platforms
Requires administrative access to E-commerce platform. Price is quoted per platform. Variants are pulled as separate listings. Includes pulling stock levels regularly.
$ 199
Autocomplete search filters
For text fields with a large, finite set of values. For example, vehicle models.
$ 200
$ 250
Customised listing previews
For example, showing the listing date and location
$ 250
My Order Pages
Similar to the Inbox pages, but filtered to only show orders.
$ 299
Cookie Consent
$ 299
For example, users can switch between English and Chinese. Marketplace operator provides the translations.
$ 299
Distance search filter
Direct distance only
$ 300
Automatically expiring listings
$ 300
Arrange listing photos
The default Sharetribe web template uses the upload order as the photo order
$ 340
Custom User Profile Fields
These could be fields similar to listing fields (checkboxes, dropdown, text, numbers, etc.) and displayed on users' profile pages.
$ 399
Variable Booking Durations
For example, some 30-minute lessons and some 60-minute lessons.
$ 399
CRM Integration
Triggers can be when a user, listing, or transaction is created.
$ 399
Realtime messaging and conversations not tied to listings
$ 400
Variable Shipping Costs
Requires account with Shippo.
$ 499
Provider Sales Analytics
Providers can see charts on their dashboard.
$ 499
Calculate Distance
Direct, walking, or driving distance/times can be displayed for each listing based on search location.
$ 499
For example, some listings are priced in AUD and some listings in NZD.
$ 499
Referral System
Upon a successful referral, referrer receives discounts not cash payouts.
$ 499
Price Negotiation
Buyer initiates a conversation and provider can adjust offer price for that transaction.
$ 499
Add-ons to listings
For example, cleaning fee.
$ 599
Discounts for Longer Bookings
For example, custom prices for weekly bookings
$ 599
Dropoff and Pickup Pricing
For rental bookings
$ 599
Deposit for Booking
Where possible, we recommend implementing this as a card authorisation instead of a refund as card authorisations may be time-limited.
$ 599
Mobile App
Similar to Median, the web app is wrapped in a mobile app so it is available in stores for download and stays in sync with the web app.
$ 599
Discount Vouchers
Provider can choose a percentage or amount-based discount. Discounts can have an expiration date. Discounts are per-listing.
$ 599
Auctions or Bidding
Buyer enters their maximum bid. At the end of the auction period, the winning bidder is contacted to checkout and provide their card details.
$ 699
Matchmaking Algorithm
Allowing buyers to answer some questions before showing them recommended listings.
$ 699
User Subscription Fees
For example, buyers can search/browse only after paying a subscription, or providers can list in a category only after paying a subscription.
$ 699
2-Factor Authentication
$ 699
Comments on listings
$ 700
Custom section on landing page
For dynamic data such as featured listings
$ 740
3rd-party File Sources
For example, browsing and selecting files in Google Drive instead of only from the provider's local device.
$ 799
Different Commission Tiers
For example, lower commissions only for paid users or platform-exclusive listings.
$ 799
Digital Files Selling$ 1,200
Shopping Cart
This is implemented as multiple single-vendor shopping carts. Please visit Depop as an example.
$ 1,600
Advanced Rules For Booking Times
For example, a service provider cannot be booked at the same time for different listings.
$ 1,900
Non-image Media
For example, audio, video, or 3D-models on listings or profiles. May require 3rd-party storage solution such as R2
$ 1,900
Third-party Costs
Pay only when you need to start processing payments.
USD 299 - 369/month
Amazon Web Services is recommended and is free for the first year.
About USD 5/month
DomainAbout USD 14/year
We've always stayed in the free tier.
Varies by usage
Stripe Billing & Stripe Connect
Billing: https://stripe.com/pricing
Connect: https://stripe.com/connect/pricing
Varies by country