We cultivate a culture of constant improvement, collaboration and open communication

We’re a diverse and experienced team of software developers, programmers, and architects working together to help small businesses and startups succeed.

We Take Pride in Working Collaboratively

Scaleup Consulting grows as our business partners and clients succeed. It's a diverse team that brings technical expertise and creativity to the table. Guided by our core values, we take pride in cultivating a culture of:

Our Approach:



Growth Centric

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Our Values


Continuous Improvement

Being better than the day before. Trying new ideas and innovative methods to improve processes and make a difference every day.


Open Communication

Ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the outcomes, quality and timelines, so they can make decisions and plan accordingly.



Identifying potential problems early and actively seeking feedback/help to prevent problems from occurring or growing.



Focusing on high value tasks while seeking ways to deliver the best possible outcome with the least amount of time and effort.


Integrity And Accountability

Being honest and taking ownership of everything we do.



Being friendly and collaborative with team members and clients when working towards a common goal.

Business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation

Peter Drucker, ‘The Man who Invented Management’

Scaleup Consulting was established not just to be another IT consulting and advanced software agency but to serve as a true partner for startups and team members alike.


We emphasise teamwork as we operate daily with our company’s purpose in mind. That means working collaboratively to support startups and small businesses with their software development and other tech and marketing needs. 


Team brainstorming sessions can be exciting and daunting as we tackle different codes, technicalities, business analyses, marketing strategies, and more daily. But our objective remains constant: to ease our clients’ process of launching a business or taking it to the next level.


To do this effectively, we build an organisational culture aligned with our core beliefs and principles. We nurture a winning culture that encourages continuous improvement, open communication, proactiveness, efficiency, integrity and collaboration. 


And as a fully remote team of software developers, IT consultants, SEOs, designers and architects, I am confident that diversity is our strongest suit.


Our team members may have come from different cultures with diverse skillsets and personalities, but similar core values guide us. We operate from other parts of the globe, but we strive to work as one day by day. 


At Scaleup Consulting, each working day presents us an opportunity to learn, grow and excel. And this is what keeps us going. What keeps us motivated and driven. 


And at the end of the day, it also makes our clients and partners happy. 


We invite you to explore our team and company culture more and see if you could be the right fit.


We can’t wait to welcome you. Let’s scale together!

Jayen Ashar
Technical Director

A few words about us:

The project manager is a highly skilled developer who can provide knowledgeable advice on individual tasks.

Justin Brooks

Founder, Stealth Mode Fintech

I have worked with many developers throughout my businesses, Jayen seems to be the most knowledgeable and get things done and as well as explaining the code, and I hired him as a coding mentor.

Y Al-Din


I always admire how the team members collaborate while handling several clients and different services for IT consulting and digital marketing. The company offers the opportunity for growth and provides a work-life balance.

Anonymous Operations Officer

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Flexible Working Hours

Growth Opportunities

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Knowledge Sharing

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