Web and mobile app development for sports betting

Find out how we helped Bet Karma improve their online presence and increase their user base – from speeding up their site to improving, adding new tools and developing Bet Karma’s mobile apps.

About the Client:

  • Based in the USA
  • Customer Base: USA and Canada
  • Sports Betting Industry
  • B2C

Business Overview

Bet Karma is a one-stop sports betting platform with the best picks, simulations, tools and betting content for gamesters in Canada and the US.

Key Features and Deliverables Provided Since March 2021

App Features


App Development

Client Challenge

Trevis Waters, Bet Karma’s COO, was looking for a new development team to implement his ideas better.

They wanted to improve their existing tools, add more functionalities, increase the website’s speed and move data collection in-house to lessen data collection expenses.

The project had three main challenges:

  • Improving app performance
  • Reducing costs
  • Extending the web app with features and mobile apps

About the Project

Phase 1 – Rebuilding the Backend

In the project’s first phase, we analysed the existing system to identify areas that needed improvement. Our immediate focus was to rebuild the backend infrastructure to support scalability and the addition of new tools.

Our technical CEO discussed with Bet Karma’s COO the direction for the rebuild, ensuring that the new backend would be robust, efficient, and capable of supporting the growing demands of the platform.

Then our development team moved the backend from Python to a Node.js backend on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – ensuring that the platform can accommodate the growing user demand.

This move resulted in a more responsive and faster platform. It also lowered the development costs associated with adding new features and tools.

Phase 2 – Tools Improvement

When we took over the project, Bet Karma’s tools had major issues – slow loading times and sometimes complete failures to load.

We worked closely with Bet Karma to understand their requirements and user needs better. Then we updated and enhanced the existing tools, ensuring they were optimised for the platform and the users.

Phase 3 – Addition of New Tools

With the backend rebuilt and existing tools improved, phase 3 focused on adding new tools to enhance the overall user experience. This phase involved significant collaboration between our team and Bet Karma to ensure that the new tools were aligned with the client’s vision and requirements.

After identifying the key features and tools users wanted, we developed and added them to the platform – MKF Predictor, Underdog Predictor, PrizePicks Predictor, and Bet Tracker.

Aside from that, we also worked on creating a tool that collects sports data in-house rather than through external sites, which greatly improved the site predictions while reducing the costs for data sourcing.

In addition to improving the existing tools, our team also worked on integrating with third-party platforms like Discord to allow users to receive real-time updates and alerts. Then we added in-app purchase subscriptions to give users access to premium features and exclusive content.

Phase 4 – Mobile app development – for iOS and Android

In the later phase, our team started developing mobile apps for iOS and Android to make it easier for users to access the platform and its tools from anywhere. This was a crucial step in making Bet Karma accessible to users on the go, helping drive growth and engagement among gamesters.

Project Results

The new backend provided Bet Karma with increased scalability, improved performance, greater flexibility and cost savings.

A more seamless experience and improved user satisfaction resulted from resolving the issues with Bet Karma’s existing tools. And the integration with third-party platforms helped drive growth and engagement among their target audience.

Plus, with the development of mobile app versions for Bet Karma, it continues to grow and scale.


“After cycling through various developers the last two years, I finally came across someone who made my life easier, and not more difficult. We were finally able to develop the tools for Bet Karma.”


COO at Bet Karma