Web App Development

Build web-based applications to propel and grow your business online


Turn your ideas into reality and scale your business operations with a web app.

Custom web applications can be tailored to cater to any industry, target market and app user. We offer a wide range of services, from designing the user interface to developing the back-end infrastructure.

Three Reasons to Choose Scaleup Consulting

Collaborative. Communication and openness between developers and clients allow us to build better and faster.

Transparent. We involve and inform our clients throughout the project to meet your demands.

End-to-end. Our team will collaborate and work with you from the start to your product launch.

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Our proven process

A successful web app requires careful planning and execution at every stage:


Requirements Review and Proposal

We’ll work with you to define your business goals and project requirements. Then create the blueprint and roadmap to launch your app.


Web Themes & Templates Development

Once the prototype is validated, the designers can begin creating the wireframe and mockups for the final web app product.


Frontend & Backend Development

Our developers will set up the development environment and identify the suitable programming language to build your app. Afterwhich the app is developed.


Testing & Launch

We implement software quality assurance to ensure no bugs or errors may impact the user experience. Then we’ll start launching the app.


Application Maintenance

We continue to help you keep your customers happy by monitoring and adding highly-requested features to your web app.

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We Value Transparency

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You can also send us a message or book our free consultation to discuss your specific needs, requirements, and the pricing model that best matches your project.

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App Estimator

Software Developer Rates (excluding GST)
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Our Work

As a web app development company, we are proud of these projects' results and confident we can deliver similar results for your business.


An interactive floor plan app to help real estate and property marketers.

We partnered with iFloorPlan to rebuild the customer and user web applications. We’ve identified user needs, implemented highly requested features and improved the app’s user experience.


SneakQIK is a social network for deals.

We worked with them to build and optimise their web application from scratch. Then we also provided SEO services to help them build a long-term user base.


DemandIQ is a software tool that integrates AI to help solar providers in digital marketing.

Scaleup Consulting helped develop their website. Aside from that, our co-CEO provides technical direction for the startup company.